Why Daad and Kherad?

Our fundamental principles are as follows:

  1.   Clarity : All Firm’s activities are evident and can be accessed by our clients using the dedicated online portal. Through our effective network of associates, we can respond swiftly to address the needs of our clients locally and externally. We offer transparency and client-friendly interactions 24/7.
  2.   Comprehensiveness : In order to meet all our clients’ needs and provide them with professional advisory services, we aim to analyze all aspects of the referred subjects by consolidating our associates’ knowledge as well as gathering seasoned consultants in variety of professional fields.
  3.   Reliability : We provide organizational solution-based full services. We are concentrated on providing consulting services to companies and professionals. We work on risk management and prevention as well as organization of appropriate and comprehensive solution-oriented plans. Our attorneys, in collaboration with our consultants, review and assess the vulnerabilities of your activities and advise on the project implementation and contract negotiations.
  4.   Professionalism : We are totally dedicated in providing the highest standard of legal services to our clients. To that extent, our Firm is organized into distinct departments with different specialties and particular areas of activities. These practice groups interact with each other, operating as multidisciplinary teams and through diversity of subjects and expertise; we offer truly tailored service and precisely purposive solutions.
  5.   Organizational Structure : We are directly responsible to our clients for all the commitments regarding our legal and special services. We firmly guarantee the quality of our offered and provided services through the organizational structure of our Firm. Our Legal Division is supported and accompanied by our in-house Finance, IT, Marketing, Management, Business and Administrative units. This structure assists our lawyers to overcome any issues they may encounter throughout their profession, as well as to ensure that the outcome of our services is reliable, effective and of high quality.