In every profession and business, the need for professional insurance services is inevitable. Therefore, professional experts especially lawyers play a very critical role in this matter. Due to the deep knowledge and understanding of insurance laws and regulations, Daad & Kherad Insurance lawyers are comprehensively able to advise the clients in all classes of insurance and provide the clients with different range of insurance services. Our clients consist of insurance companies, agencies, brokers, traders, merchants, owner of goods and services and industries.

The areas in which our expert lawyers aid you, including but not limited to:

1 . Preparing the draft of insurance contracts

2 . Providing the clients with advices on insurance clauses in the contracts for the clients’ related business.

3 . Providing the clients with the advice on contracts’ insurance clauses at the time of sanctions.

4 . Advising the clients on choosing the type of insurance coverage appropriate regarding the business in which they are active.

5 . Advising the clients on reduction and management of risks.

6 . Negotiating and managing the insurance-related meetings with foreign partners

7 . Reviewing and interpreting the terms and obligations contained in the insurance contracts.

8 . Defending or filing a lawsuit in administrative or judicial authorities.

9 . Settling the disputes through non-judicial methods.

10 . Utilizing the knowledge and experience of insurance experts before initiating any legal action.