Disputes are inevitable part of contractual and commercial relationships. What is important, however, is to manage and settle such disputes in a most appropriate manner. Depending on each case surrounding conditions, different dispute resolution methods, may be used.

Our experts at Daad and Kherad law firm are ready to undertake the responsibility of management and settlement of your disputes using the latest international practice in dispute settlement sector whether through litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods.

Daad and Kherad extensive experience in settlement of disputes can help you to manage you disputes from the very beginning until you reach the best possible outcome.

Our team is specially known for its expertise in:

  • Professional negotiations;
  • Preparing and drafting dispute settlement clauses or agreements;
  • Commercial and corporate disputes;
  • Energy dispute;
  • International commercial arbitration;
  • Investment treaty arbitration;
  • Providing mediation services, conciliation, expert determination and etc.