Professional Negotiations and Mediation

In addition to being an expert and an experienced person in the related fields, a good negotiator shall be equipped with negotiation techniques and the art of effective communication especially persuasive discourse.

A powerful negotiator will be able to provide a comprehensive, transparent and sustainable agreement by observing the rights and desires of the parties to the contract in such a way that the foundation of financial and commercial relations is established permanently or for a long time.

After a dispute, a good negotiator can also immunize the parties from drowning into different lawsuits and their heavy costs including material and spiritual costs.

A good negotiator analyzes the problems by using his/her specialized knowledge and based on his/her findings chooses the appropriate solution and attempts to persuade the parties and bring their opinions close together and eventually resolves the issue on the basis of compromise and reconciliation.

Our professional lawyers at Daad & Kherad Law Firm are ready to accept this responsibility and provide the above-mentioned services.