Commercial and Contracts

Contracts play an important role in all types of businesses. Whether you are a businessman, owner of a big company or a natural person doing transaction, inevitably, you need to deal with contracts. Due to the variety of the subjects of contracts, deep legal knowledge as well as being familiar with the nature and subjects of the contracts are simultaneously required. Daad & Kherad lawyers who are specialized in different types of contracts will comprehensively help the clients with drafting their contracts and will come up with the best possible solution in case of reaching any disagreements during the contracts implementation.

In other words, depending on the subjects of the contracts, Daad and Kherad specialized lawyers prepare the drafts of the related contracts, file lawsuits and respond to the lawsuits against the clients regarding the contracts. The subjects of the contracts vary widely, including but not limited to:

1 . International Shipping Contracts

2 . International Commercial Contracts

3 . Sale of Goods and Distribution Contracts

4 . Foreign Investment Contracts

5 . Purchase or Sale of Business, Assets and Stocks

6 . Employment Contracts

7 . Shareholders Agreements

8 . Commercial and Residential Lease Contracts

9 . All kinds of Insurance Contracts

10 . Franchise Agreements