Supervising and Controlling the Legal Departments of Corporations and Lawyers’ Performance

There is no doubt that legal services including representing the clients in the courts and providing legal advices are highly specialized and sometimes very complicated skills. Yet, disagreements and different opinions among specialists in this field have already extended its complexity in such a way that, quality assessment of the lawyers and legal advisers’ services by non-specialists is almost impossible. This issue has resulted in dissatisfaction of the clients with the services provided by the lawyers and legal advisers.

The only method to control the quality of the legal services and to supervise the legal departments of the corporations and the lawyers is to use the professional lawyers who are specialized in different areas of laws to manage the legal departments of the corporations and to monitor the conducts and the quality of their services as well and eventually report the results to the directors of the companies.

One of the legal services at Daad & Kherad Law Firm is accepting to control and supervise the quality of the services given by legal departments of the corporations and the lawyers. Daad & Kherad Law Firm is also ready to monitor the performance of your lawyers in legal cases. While providing analytical reports on the process of your case, Daad & Kherad Law Firm will guide it in the right direction too.