Privatization refers to the act of transferring ownership of specified property or business operations from a government organization to a privately owned entity, as well as the transition of ownership from a publicly traded, or owned, company to a privately owned company.

Our expert lawyers in the field of Privatization are fully familiar with the rules and regulations as well as the practices and the procedures of privatization in Iran. Our dedicated lawyers will assist you to receive state property through competition, auction, rent and direct purchase. Our professional lawyers accompanied by our expert in this field, will provide you the comprehensive information about the availability of state properties and the properties that are illegal to be purchased.

All the process of the privatization will be organized by Daad & Kherad Law Firm. We will prepare all the documentations in accordance with Iran’s regulations and procedures in this regard.

Daad & Kherad Services in the field of Privatization consist of:

  • Structuring Privatization transactions
  • Negotiating with privatization agencies and public authorities
  • Assisting our clients with tender documentations
  • Legal due diligence of target companies or other assets subject to the Privatization
  • Drafting and negotiating the Privatization and investment agreement
  • Representing the clients in case of encountering any dispute in the process of Privatization