Contract Management

Contracts are one of the most important issues for merchants and companies and they require special services at different levels including:
A. Reviewing the legal conditions of the participation in auctions and tenders, as well as preparing the necessary documents for participating in biddings and tenders at the domestic and international levels.
B. Evaluating and validating the opposing party of the contract
C. Preparing and formulating the regulations and guidelines for corporate transactions based on the Articles of Association and related laws and regulations.
D. Preparing the drafts of the contracts, contractual formats and documenting the process of concluding the contracts.
E. Supervising the implementation and the good execution of the contracts.
F. Managing the liquidation, termination and dispute settlement of the contacts.
The above-mentioned subjects and their related issues are within the scope of our services at Daad & Kherad Law Firm.
Our professional lawyers along with our experts in the relevant fields at Daad & Kherad Law Firm will provide you the required services with the best quality from the start of the negotiation process until the settlement and termination of the contracts.