Identifying and Analyzing the Legal and Economic Aspects of Business and Investment Opportunities

Investment opportunities in various commercial and industrial sectors are mainly published by the relevant ministries and organizations and various information databases which are active in this regard.

An important issue is to adapt these opportunities with goals and plans of the investors and to choose the right and suitable methods for entering the relevant market.

  1. If you intend to enter the capital from abroad, we will help you choose the best way according to your goals and plans. Daad & Kherad professional lawyers will review the legal protections, limitations and the permissions required for your activity and you will be informed accordingly.
  2. If you choose one of these opportunities, prior to entering that section, you must be aware of the legal protections, limitations, the permissions required for those activities in that section, as well as the required financial and technical capabilities. Daad & Kherad Law Firm will provide you all the required information.
  3. If you are willing to invest in an existing project, we will review the status of your desired project and we will determine the compliance or non-compliance of the project with your goals and plans.
  4. By reviewing your goals and capabilities, we will introduce you to the most suitable projects for investment.
  5. If you wish to set up a new project, Daad & Kherad Law Firm will undertake the necessary studies, will create its structure and will obtain the related legal permissions with the help of professional experts.
  6. Daad & Kherad Law Firm will monitor the process of the investment in projects and will regulate your relationships with your contracting parties and will minimize the risks of your business activities.

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