Strategic Planning and Due Diligence

The due diligence means identifying the factors that disrupt the activity of a business enterprise. In other words, identifying the disruptive factors is referred to as a process based on the stages of examination, detection, tracing, modification, interpretation and detecting the risk factors in order to make them right and prevent them from happening.

Disorder in the activity of an enterprise is mainly due to internal factors, meaning the origin of the damages is the function of the organization’s forming elements.

Therefore, for the purpose of understanding the causes of the damages, it should be focused on the structure, functions and important procedures of the organization.

Nowadays, the business enterprises are often confused with the problems relating to the complexity of the systems. Solving the problems is one of the essential and inevitable skills for business enterprises.

If the primary and preliminary damages are not being identified and resolved, they become critical and consequently, critical damages changes into dangerous and deadly damages.

When a part of an organization or a specific function is exposed to damages, if not timely discovered and resolved, those damages will disrupt other parts and functions of the organization. In that case, the survival and goals of the organization will be seriously endangered.

There are different patterns for the due diligence of an organization so that by using them the specialists and experts make it possible for the managers to keep track of the current damages and prevent the situation from becoming critical in the organization.

In order to prevent the crisis on companies and business enterprises, Daad & Kherad Law Firm provide the following services:

  1. Legal subjects are one of the effective elements of company’s activities. Examining the impact of laws and regulations on company’s activities and adaptation of the internal procedures of the organization with the rules and regulations are the important parts of the process of corporate due diligence. Relying on the professional lawyers and experts in different areas of law, Daad & Kherad Law Firm will be in charge of this important and vital task.
  2. The legal commission of Daad & Kherad Law Firm will check your legal actions and the legal services of your lawyers and will monitor the quality as well as the accuracy of their legal services. Therefore, you can be sure about the quality of your lawyers’ services and prevent mistakes from happening in the process of legal actions.
  3. The experts and qualified institutions for executing the process of the due diligence in terms of economic, technical, human resources and etc. will be identified and the initial plan will be prepared to be presented to them.
  4. A comprehensive agreement will be set up in order to conduct the necessary studies with the qualified company or teams and the contractual relations and the compliance with the provisions of the contract, the laws and the standards of scientific control and permanent monitoring will be executed.

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