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  “Negotiate like a Pro:” Acting on behalf of the clients as a “Negotiator” is one of every lawyer’s day-to-day workloads. Therefore, in doing so, it is required that the lawyers master their emotional intelligence and empathy, the two significant skills not easily taught. In order to succeed as a negotiator, be mindful of the […]

United Nations peacekeepers (also known as Blue Helmets) consist of soldiers, police officers, and civilian personnel. In other words, the UN military personnel are the Blue Helmets on the ground that help countries navigate the difficult path from conflict to peace. Today, they are composed of over 97,000 military personnel contributed by national armies from […]

Preamble: Iran is a country located in Western Asia. Iran is the second largest country in the middle east and the 18th largest county in the world by area, with many investment opportunities and economic advantages. According to Principle 44 of Iran’s Constitution, the economy of Iran consists of three sectors: Public, Private, and Cooperative. […]